The Society for

Modern Parapsychology

Student Enrollment

This page shall serve to inform potential students of requirements for student status and the process of applying for it. Additionally this is where instructions will be given for entry into individual classes.

The Society for Modern Parapsychology is not currently accepting new student enrolment.

Obtaining Student Status

The first step a prospective student must undergo is applying for student status. This is done by completing the "Application for Student Status" and mailing it and a $5 filing fee to the office of the Director. Prospective students will be accepted or declined based on the content of that application. Please remember that it often takes between one and two weeks for a decision to be made. The most important factors in accepting students are there academic qualifications, writing sample and legal eligibility. The most common reasons we anticipate for potential rejection are prospective students being under age 18 without parental approval or poor written communication skills.

Once a decision has been made on the prospective student's application, they will be notified of the that decision by e-mail. If accepted, that student's e-mail of acceptance shall include that student's unique user name and password. Prospective students who are declined student status will not be allowed to reapply for status for at least another three months. The fee for applying for student status is non-refundable except in the case that a prospective student is declined because they are under18 years of age, in which case a refund is automatic.

Student status is necessary to register for any of the offered classes. Once a person is accepted as a student, there student status is considered indefinite. Student status can only be removed or revoked in the case of misconduct. A student need not consistently take classes to remain a student. Once a person has been granted student status, they may register for classes of there choice as they see fit ( abiding by prerequisite requirements of course.)

Application for Student Status

Much of the information requested on the application for student status is used more for course development and organizational structuring than for actual determination of qualifying for student status. It is our goal to accept as many students as could reasonably be expected to succeed and to tailor our class offerings to the needs and wants of our students. With this in mind, please be as honest and forthcoming as possible on your application.

The Society for Modern Parapsychology does not share any personal information included on your application for any reason with anybody short of a court order or other due process. No part of your application will be used commercially except by the society to better serve you as a student.

Please note that none of the information requested on the application is mandatory. All information volunteered on the application helps us to make better decisions. The better we as an organization are informed, the better decisions we make, and thus the better the learning environment will be for everybody.

The Society for Modern Parapsychology is not currently accepting new student enrolment.