Counseling Services in Orland Park

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15614 South Harlem Ave., Suite C Orland Park, IL, 60462

Phone: (708) 781-3580

Fax: (708) 429-5950

What Problems Can Success Development Services Help Me With? If your life is disrupted by any of the following, counseling through Success Development Services may be beneficial for you. -Anxiety, Stress, Trouble Sleeping, Feelings of Sadness, Frequent Worry, Loss of Personal Interests, Poor Self Image, Frequent Fights with a Spouse or Significant Other, Difficulty Controlling Anger, Self-Pity, Avoidance, Social Withdrawal, Feelings of Hopelessness, Thoughts about Death & Suicide, Phobias, Specific Fears, Panic Attacks, Obsessive Thoughts & Behaviors, Frequent Disappointment or Loneliness.

Convenient Service Locations: Success Development Services offers counseling out of our Orland Park office just off of Harlem Ave. The address is 15614 South Harlem av. It is located behind the Outback Steak House in the Crystal Cove professional building. Sessions by scheduled appointment only.

Standard Service Schedule: A reoccurring weekly appointment with a regular day and time is the standard service schedule. Services can continue as long as the client desires them to continue. Each session is 50 minutes long. Irregular service schedules are available but may incur an additional fee. Services are by appointment only.

Flexible Payment Options: Success Development Services has flexible payment options, such as personal check, money order or even by credit card with PayPal. Cash, check or money order payments are expected at the time of service. Credit payment by PayPal is required one day in advance. Many client’s have their services paid for directly by their health insurance provider. For those without health insurance, a sliding scale fee may be available.

What Are the Credentials of the Therapist? All of our therapists have at minimum a masters degree in counseling, a state issued LCPC license and five years of experience.

Is This Confidential? Counseling and psychotherapy services are confidential and protected by federal HIPPA laws as well as state licensing provisions. Confidentiality with mental health professionals is very similar to that which you enjoy with your physicians.

Is This Expensive? Success Development Services offers counseling services at a very reasonable rate compared to other local providers of equivalent services. Contact Success Development Services to learn more about service costs.

Do You Accept My Insurance? Success Development Services has an expanding network of relationships with insurance providers. Check with yours to see. Even if we don’t work with your particular insurance company, it is sometimes possible for clients to make “out of network” claims to their providers themselves. Our therapists are licensed and credentialed to meet the requirements of most insurance carriers.

Getting Started Getting started is easy. Pick up the phone and call (708) 781-3580. This will put you in contact with one of our therapists. From there, you will be asked about your situation and you and your counselor will decide on specific service goals, fee, and service schedule. This initial telephone consultation is free.