The Society for

Modern Parapsychology

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does your organization hold any accreditations?

A: No; The organization as a body does not hold any official accreditations of any sort, from any form of accrediting body. Most individuals holding positions in our organization however hold varying accreditations in many areas and fields.

Q: Will those who take your courses receive any form of degree or certification?

A: No; Those who complete various curriculums from our organization will be awarded certificates of merit. These certificates are little more than a recognition of work completed.

Q: If you do not offer any recognized degree or certification, why would I want to study through your organization.

A: You can learn good science at nearly any school in America. You can learn much about paranormal topics on television, radio, and from books. Opportunities to learn both together are VERY rare. We genuinely believe that we here offer students the best education of it's kind available. Students will learn real scientific principal and paranormal theory from people qualified to instruct both.

Q: What value do classes here have then?

A: You will have the opportunity to learn the topic matter in a convenient and inexpensive way. Though we do not claim that what we offers can in any way compare to a more traditional university education, It is very sophisticated and in-depth as far as special interest learning goes.

Q: How much do classes cost?

A: Courses will differ on a case by case basis. We need to offer our instructors enough to make teaching worth there time, yet we want to keep classes affordable for students. On average I believe we will try to offer most five weeks classes for around $25.

Q: How many students per class?

A: We will try to limit class size to about 25 students per class.

Q: How much individual attention can I expect form instructors?

A: Quite a bit. That's one of the things we prize ourselves for. There are other programs similar to this one that have hundreds of students per class ( some as many as 800 I've been told). We believe in quality over quantity. It is a matter of pride for us that students will all receive e-mail or posted responses / feedback from all of there written assignments and that instructors will be available for topic discussions in chartrooms accessible to students.

Q: How do you grade work?

A: We grade hard. Instructors will be honest with students and give them good firm feedback. It is very important to us that students here really learn the topic matter we instruct. We try hard to encourage and push students to reach our high standards so that there skills and knowledge will reflect well on us.

Q: Who can be a student?

A: Students are accepted based upon a couple of standards. First we only accept those over 18. Secondly, we require proof of some basic writing skills. Lastly, a student must have regular internet access such as to log into our electronic classrooms a few times a week. Aside form that we have no other firm requirements. We do prefer applicants who have at least a high school diploma or equivalent.

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